• Home Renovations Barrie Ontario

    It has been a pleasure to work with Elena. I knew I needed to make my office look more professional. Although I had a general idea of the design style I wanted, Elena came in with no agenda of her own. She asked me questions about my preferences and showed a genuine interest in my work. Somehow she transformed my space into a place that I look forward to being in every day. She turned it into a unique and professional space that reflected who I am as an engineer and as a person.

    - Bruno Olivetti
  • Home Renovations Barrie Ontario

    Elena helped turn my vision into reality and I am very grateful for her involvement in the creation of my home. She took me from a rough outline of spacial bubbles, gradually into more depth and detail, until I recognized my vision in her design plans. She handled sub-contractors with confidence and professionalism and successfully managed the schedule and budget. For me, this meant I could sleep at night knowing that there was someone handling my house build that I could count on.

    - Melissa Neil
  • Home Renovations Barrie Ontario

    I wanted to refresh the windows in my home and Elena was referred to me by a colleague who had a very good experience with her. I had no idea there were so many options in window treatments and that my windows could look this good. I wanted very simple windows that were not boring and she delivered eloquent and beautiful drapery and blinds to accomplish just that. I have four children and two cats and she was very knowledgeable about fabric durability and maintenance. I am confident I will not need to change them again for a long time.

    - Chung Tang